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So I got to best buy and picked up my laptop. Now, because I’m not a moron who likes making multiple trips to get my computer fixed for the same reason as before, I decided to test the three things that were wrong.

AC Adaptor –

– originally busted, replaced

Corrupted registry files –

– Windows reinstalled

CD Drive


When I brought this to the rep who was serving me’s attention, he looked kinda scared, said ‘ill be right back, i need to go check something’ then left me alone with my old machine for a half hour.

Then came back and said these magical words

“since you’re under the original one year warranty, you would normally have to deal with sony for something like this, but since we’ve had your computer so long, we’re going to replace it, go pick out a new computer.”

and I did.




3 Responses to “YEUH^2!”

  1. Grats!

  2. Comments still extremely difficult to read by the way. I just figured I’d add to your chore list.

  3. yeah, thats under the ‘fix my damn css’ category. I’m actually looking for a whole new look for the site, and im working on some stuff that I think is gonna be pretty stinking cool. Meanwhile, working on a quick bandaid fix for the comments

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