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Delays and crap

Sorry for all the delays in a regular posting schedule and whatnot… Just after my laptop fried, I ended up with a full time job which is currently pushing 44 to 50 hours weekly, and without my second computer, i really don’t have the time or the means to blog without giving up time with my special lady, or just not playing at all.

Once my lappy is back up, ill have content, I swear… cummon guv, yknow im goo’fr it!

Meanwhile, working my arse off trying to get early access to the blackguard during the heavy metal event… kinda hard considering the idle hands debuff is bugged and I get kicked from every scenario, 1 minute and 30 seconds after I join…

Vox out


6 Responses to “Delays and crap”

  1. Welcome back!

  2. Hehe, thanks ghostkid 🙂

  3. Does this mean you didn’t get any of my e-mails?


    Also: what the fuck did you do to your laptop this time?!

  4. @rip

    nah, ive gotten your emails (got my desktop still) I just havent had time to sit and generate content because I’ve been at work. If I had my laptop, i could type during my break and during slow periods, but at present, thats not an option.

    AC cord crapped out (have to order one from japan)

    and a windows registry file got corrupted, and its kinda hard to reinstall windows to repair it without a running disc drive, so they gotta replace that too

  5. Also, holey shit, ive gotta fix the css on this damn site

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