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An itemized list of things that my dog has destroyed in his 11 weeks of existance

So my laptop is still in the shop, therefore, heres another filler post!

Things my dog has destroyed

6 paperback books

2 hardcover books

3 magazines

2 music books

1 pair of shoes

1 pair of 150 dollar stanton headphones

1 laptop cord (thank you replacement warranty!)

50 sheets (approx) white printer paper

1 box kleenex

2 video game cases

1 nintendo DS case

2 glasses (his jumping on my arm caused me to drop them)

2 shirts

1 pair of dress pants

1 collar

1 garbage can, 18 times

1 cd case

1 dish towel

1 belt (took me 3 months of searching to find one I liked, and wouldnt you know it… I bought it back in my hometown, on the opposite side of the country)

1 set of shoelaces

1 Vox’s patience with animals.

Heres a hint, the only days that he behaves in a non-destructive fashion are the ones when he’s sick, or the ones when I run with him for an hour or so… Huskies, who woulda thought they like to run?

New posts when the guys at the shop figure out how to install windows with a busted cd drive and a broken registry file that prevents any semblance of booting.

New laptop inc?



2 Responses to “An itemized list of things that my dog has destroyed in his 11 weeks of existance”

  1. No partridge in a pear tree?

  2. fraid not, he hasn’t found where I hid it

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