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Selecting Your Class

So, you’ve decided to pick up WAR, and thats a pretty good choice, but how will you get started? One look at the character creation screen and you’re left in a tizzy, not knowing what you want to play… Theres so much class diversity! But some are similar! But not! Oh god! Well maybe this guide will help you decide.

You’ll notice that each class type has both an order and a destruction counterpart, and while I treat each as a pair, there are some pretty heavy differences between each. I highly recommend you try out both of the pair if you’re not already locked into a faction. If it sucks, you can always delete the character… Or not, after all, you’ve got 10 slots per server. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to play that class later on!

Chaos Magus and Dwarf Engineer – A defensive, ranged DPS class that focuses on group offense and summoning. You’ll notice with these guys that you can’t move your summons around so its best to carefully choose where to put your little buddy. Additionally, the magus is a caster, and the engineer uses a gun. If you don’t like one or the other, avoid it!

Goblin (Greenskin) Shaman and High Elf Archmage
– A powerful ranged healer which improves their healing by alternating between offensive spells and heals. In the Archmage’s case, casting offensively improves heal’s efficiency and vice versa whereas alternation improves the shaman’s cast speed instead.

Dark Elf Disciple of Khaine and Empire Warrior Priest – A melee healer which utilizes a currency gained through melee combat in order to let off its more powerful heals and attacks.

Chaos Zealot and Dwarf Rune Priest – A situational healer who uses marks or runes to grant their allies special abilities and bonuses.

Goblin (Greenskin) Squig Herder and High Elf White Lion
– A dps class which utilizes a mobile pet to increase their advantage in combat. The Squig Herder is a primarily ranged class whereas the white lion happily hacks their way through the enemy with a rather large axe.

Dark Elf Witch Elf and Empire Witch Hunter – A powerful melee dps class which uses stealth and combos to increase their damage to ludicrious levels.

Dark Elf Sorceror and Empire Bright Wizard – A pure-damage ranged dps class which uses a currency which will both increase their damage and the chance of causing damage to themselves.

Greenskin Black Orc and Dwarf Ironbreaker – A powerful tank with high wounds who becomes more powerful with every blow sustained.

Chaos Marauder and High Elf Shadow Warrior
– A tough dps class which changes their state to gain a foothold in combat. In the shadow warrior’s case, tactics are used to change between ranged and melee among other things, whereas the marauders mutates his offhand in order to do different types of damage and recieve different stat bonuses.

Chaos Chosen and High Elf Swordsmaster – An extremely tough tank with moderate hitpoints. In the Chosen’s case, curses are used to weaken all nearby enemies while bolstering allies within the same distance. The swordsmaster uses different stances and chains attacks to unleash increasingly powerful blows.

Hopefully you found this list useful, happy hunting!



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