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The Solution to Gold Sales (Spam Me Not!)

If you’ve played warhammer online for any longer than 10 minutes, you know that gold sales are a serious problem. Not only are the never ending tells from level one characters absolutely infuriating, for the most part, these services don’t gain their ingame dough from legitimate methods!

Gold services gain their nigh-infinite stocks of gold through keyloggers and scams. Character power leveling? You’d better believe you just payed them 300 dollars in advance to steal your account,  change your password, and strip your characters. Buying gold? That probably belonged to a level 40 who worked his or her ass off to earn it, while you paypal all your cash to the guys that took it from them. Plain and simple, these services are the bane of fair play, and any general sense of decency and trust in any multiplayer game.

So, what has mythic done to stop it? Set up a clunky, slow, and gereally pathetic reporting process. Ill admit, it took blizzard nearly 2 years to implement their current ingame reporting system for World of Warcraft, and mythic is making great strides to restrict gold seller’s actions, but it all seems rather pathetic in comparison to what octane666 (and his team?)  have done.

Spammenot is an addon for warhammer online that everyone should be using. Heres how it works; It scans all tells for any little hint that it came from a gold seller, and if it does, blocks it before it shows up on a player’s chat window. Then it automatically reports the sender. The report includes a message stating that it is an autoreport from spammenot [in the minutely small chance that it mistakenly blocked and reported someone] and a direct quote of what the scum attempted to say to you.

Just in case you want to see how many folks you’re blocking, or exactly what you’re blocking, you can pull up their console by clicking a handy little button on the minimap and read all the blocked tells and autoreports for your session. In 1 week of having this addon, and about 10 hours /played, this godsend of an addon has blocked over 200 tells from gold sales with no mistaken reports whatsoever. Plain and simple, this addon is the greatest third-party improvement to an MMO that I have ever seen.

Which makes me wonder, ‘Why, in Raven Host’s glorious name is this not a default feature of the game?’ I mean, surely Mythic and EA are watching every little addon in the game for fear that someone is cheating (dont even get me started on EA’s paranoia…. hmmm, rant topic for later?). So why have the developers not taken a look at this addon and thought ‘yknow what? Lets contact this guy and ask to put this ingame’?

Honestly, I don’t think he’d mind. I develop themes and addons for a windows shell replacement called blackbox, and I’m honored every time anyone asks to use my stuff. Most small-time developers are like that, so why not give it a try? With some careful development, I think this addon could completely shut out gold sellers’ most effective advertisement method, and that could mean an end to gold selling in general.



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