Bane Shield
Hacking And Cleaving My Way Through Warhammer Online


Okay, so believe it or not, I’ve been making some real progress with the blog. I’ve been working on my own theme for the blog for some time now, but unfortunately, until I have the correct images, backgrounds, etc uploaded and written into my CSS file, you’ll be looking at this blue/black theme. Meanwhile, I’ll be trying to get some real content up.

My special lady works the thanksgiving shift tomorrow, so once dinner is cooked, im going to go sit around at the mall and work on my entries. Meanwhile, this is what i’m cooking tomorrow.

Turkey w/bacon (both manly and moist, I highly recommend it)

Mashed potatoes

Fan-freakin tastic gravy


Fresh Rolls

And my first ever attempt at a pumpkin pie… fingers crossed on thatun.

Anyhoo, there you go, a post… sure its not warhammer related, but heck… its my blog right?!

Either way, this week’s potential posts:

My take on warhammer online

Why a 10 week old puppy sucks (AKA, my dog is an asshole in the mornings) (RANT)


Also, im looking to add a section with links and reviews of all my favourite addons, but we’ll see some more of that later.



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