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Oh dog…

October 28, 2008

Dog. Diahrrea. 5 Times while I slept. I can’t get the smell out of my nose. Halp. Advertisements

My dog sucks

October 26, 2008

Make that 2 pairs of expensive headphones

An itemized list of things that my dog has destroyed in his 11 weeks of existance

October 24, 2008

So my laptop is still in the shop, therefore, heres another filler post! Things my dog has destroyed 6 paperback books 2 hardcover books 3 magazines 2 music books 1 pair of shoes 1 pair of 150 dollar stanton headphones 1 laptop cord (thank you replacement warranty!) 50 sheets (approx) white printer paper 1 box […]


October 19, 2008

So, my laptop just fried, leaving me without any of my premade posts and brainstorms, and generally, all the content I was going to post this week. yeah… updates will continue to be erratic… fucking corrupted registry ;_;

Selecting Your Class

October 16, 2008

So, you’ve decided to pick up WAR, and thats a pretty good choice, but how will you get started? One look at the character creation screen and you’re left in a tizzy, not knowing what you want to play… Theres so much class diversity! But some are similar! But not! Oh god! Well maybe this […]

Bane Shield

October 16, 2008

Welcome to bane shield, a blog all about Warhammer Online, gameplay as a chosen, and any other general crap that I come up with. Whether you’re looking for a guide on how you should spec your little demonic tank, or maybe just a rant about my dog, chances are Its going to be here! Happy […]

The Solution to Gold Sales (Spam Me Not!)

October 13, 2008

If you’ve played warhammer online for any longer than 10 minutes, you know that gold sales are a serious problem. Not only are the never ending tells from level one characters absolutely infuriating, for the most part, these services don’t gain their ingame dough from legitimate methods! Gold services gain their nigh-infinite stocks of gold […]


October 12, 2008

Okay, so believe it or not, I’ve been making some real progress with the blog. I’ve been working on my own theme for the blog for some time now, but unfortunately, until I have the correct images, backgrounds, etc uploaded and written into my CSS file, you’ll be looking at this blue/black theme. Meanwhile, I’ll […]